Things I have learned since moving out:

  • Being part of a community when you never have before is pretty cool.
  • Exploring a new area is so exciting.
  • It’s not as scary as originally thought
  • Going back home will never be quite the same again
  • Your dog will always be glad to see you when you come home
  • Being independent is a fantastic feeling
  • Groceries cost more
  • It’s possible to see lots of people some days but never connect with anyone
  • Being able to walk/bike places IS as cool as I always thought it would be
  • Mom’s cooking will always be the best cooking, no matter how old you get.
  • You appreciate having rubber bands and twist ties more when you don’t have them
  • Parental advice is appreciated more when they aren’t on hand all the time.

To be continued…

Often I have heard people say, “How good God is! We prayed that it would not rain for our church picnic, and look at the lovely weather!” Yes, God is good when He sends good weather. But God was also good when He allowed my sister, Betsie, to starve to death before my eyes in a German concentration camp. I remember one occasion when I was very discouraged there. Everything around us was dark, and there was darkness in my heart. I remember telling Betsie that I thought God had forgotten us. “No, Corrie,” said Betsie, “He has not forgotten us. Remember His Word: “For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His steadfast love toward those who fear Him.” … There is an ocean of God’s love available - there is plenty for everyone. May God grant you never to doubt that victorious love - whatever the circumstances.”

Corrie Ten Boom


(via myheartwillsing)

Jesus know your wounds.

I was reading one of Charles Spurgeon’s sermons last night and he said this:

Christ has not an unknown sheep. It is not possible that He should have overlooked or forgotten one of them. He has such an intimate knowledge of all who are redeemed with His most precious blood that He never mistakes one of them for another, nor misjudges one 
of them. He knows their constitutions--those that are weak and feeble, those that are nervous and frightened, those that are strong, those that have a tendency to presumption those that are sleepy, those that are brave, those that are sick, sorry, worried,
or wounded.

All I could think when I read this is this: Jesus knows your wounds.

Let that sink in.


He knows all about them even before I have the guts to tell Him about them.  Even when it hurts so much that you don’t want to tell anyone about it.  He knows already.  He knows them exhaustively before you can even begin to understand them yourself.

This is my Savior, and I am in awe.